Don’t waste your time with luck.

Cullin McGrath
2 min readFeb 20, 2020

As it is defined, luck is where opportunity and chance strike together. Even farther, chance is defined as the possibility of something happening.

In The Dark Knight, the viewer observes Harvey Dent (the heroic justice of Gotham) using a coin to make serious life decisions. Later on, we find out what he means when he says “I make my own luck” as both sides of the coin are the same.

(FYI, the statute of limitations has expired on that movie, so you can’t complain about spoilers.)

I had started working at my third or fourth job by the time I was around 19 or 20. It was an awesome job, but it felt like a far cry from my goals. I could have accepted my dissatisfaction, but instead I created my own luck.

The three most important jobs that I acquired during my short working career, I created for myself:

  1. For one, I emailed the owner and pleaded that I could do more and offered specific examples. I ended up spending almost 5 years at that company.
  2. For one, I met the president for coffee for personal development and ended up being offered a role at his company.
  3. For the most recent one, I had a feeling I wasn’t competitive enough in the application process, so I spent a half of my day creating a presentation on why I should be hired.

I don’t share these examples to brag, but to illustrate that without having taken these bold (to me at the time) actions, I might not be where I am today. This isn’t a new idea, but I do think we often need to be reminded to simply ask for things we want. Don’t wait for opportunity to strike you — strike it.

Jesse Itzler has an impressive story where he desperately wanted to become a rapper while sleeping on a new couch every week. He would buy an $8 salad at an expensive restaurant every day in order to surround himself with powerful individuals. Most of which, he ended up having conversations with. He is quoted saying, “you put your self into a position where luck will find you.” Long story short, he did not become a rapper, but he is worth over $200mm.

All of this to say, what are you doing to put your self in a position where luck will find you?

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